"Wanaongeza mayai"

Translation:They are adding the eggs

September 17, 2017

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What is the context here? Are they adding the eggs to something, or aare they doing arithmetic with eggs? I answered "They are increasing the eggs," which of course makes no sense, but it accepted it. What sense of "adding" does "-ongeza" convey?


I think the first one, but possibly both.


Why can't the answer be "They are adding eggs"? Why is "the" required here?


It's just because not all options have been added to the course yet. Either way is fine. If you see it again, make a report.


Why can't I put "they are increasing eggs," when that's what the hints suggest? There is no context so my translation should be correct.


Can one of the course developers please adapt the example. It does not make sense


Strange: They are addìng eggs.

Rather: They are replenishing the eggs.


"Adding" and "increasing" both seem good translations of "-ongeza" to me, e.g. adding eggs when making a cake. (If the cake fails to rise, try increasing the eggs next time.)
The verb "replenishing" is about replacing supplies - not the same thing at all.


It is still not accepting ‘they are adding eggs’


well, now it won't accept they are increasing the eggs! It only accepts they are adding the eggs. None of it makes any sense!! May, 2020

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