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Why are some language courses difficult to practice?

By difficulty, I mean how difficult it is to get skill bars filled. Some languages, like Vietnamese, are extremely friendly and it is very easy to fill up strength bars (At one point I strengthened 3 skills in one session), while others are big meanies (It took me 4 perfect practice sessions to fill up just one measly little strength bar in Greek). It's really frustrating and I would like an explanation (if there is one) to ease my pain.


September 17, 2017



I imagine its just because some skills have more words and phrases in them than others.


You know, this might be true. There are some skills in some languages with only one lesson that lose skill bars fast but fill up completely after just one session. My problem with this is the fact that in bigger skills, it takes a lot of practice to fill up just one bar. I mean if the skill needs a lot of practice then the skill bar should reflect that fact and not just show up one missing bar.


I'm not sure why that's a problem. If a skill is bigger, then taking longer to re-gild it is just Duolingo accurately reflecting the revision that needs doing.


It also depends on how much the skill has weakened by. If it's been a long time since the skill was gold, it'll take longer to re-gild it.


I've had all of the above in one tree. Sometimes, I can strengthen three or more skills at once, and other times it takes several practice sessions to move the bars. I doubt it's tree specific.

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