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  5. "To neprodávají nikde."

"To neprodávají nikde."

Translation:They do not sell that anywhere.

September 17, 2017



I learned previously that "this" should be "toto/tohle" and not just "to". TO= the / that. TOTO or TOHLE=this. I noticed it in my notes. So the correct translation is They do not sell THAT anywhere


My thought exactly!


"That" and "it" are also accepted. It is quite clear in the course that toto and tohle are translated as "this." But it's less clear when to also can be translated as "this," as it sometimes is. Since I can't explain it at this point, my personal rule is to consistently translate to as "the/that" and toto and tohle as "this" -- and then to accept being a little mystified when a "this" turns up in the translation of a sentence that uses to. :-)

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