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Question on Articles

I was under the assumption that all words that begin with the letters 's' and 'z' use 'lo' for 'the.' However, for stazione, 'la' is used. Is there a rule for the exceptions or was I wrong in my assumption?

March 12, 2013



I suggest you to place this discussion under the specific language discussion's. It is not obvious wich language you are writing about. Also you can place this question under one of the sentences in which you experience this problem. It is then more likely that you get help.


Pardon me, I thought this was the Italian section. However, in the top left corner of this page it says 'Italian' and when I searched for my post on the discussion page the result came up as, 'Italian: Question on Articles.' So either a mod moved the question to the appropriate thread, or you've made a mistake.


To finish off quickly your problem: In Italian the masc. words have the choice between il - l' -lo. Feminine words have la - l', never lo.


thank you, that clears it up.


thanks Marziotta, I have it bookmarked now!


"Stazione" is feminine. That's why "la" is used! According to "Intermediate Italian for Dummies", "lo" is used before nouns that start with x, y, or z. That's why yogurt is "lo yogurt".

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