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the next level.

I just had a great Idea, no matter the subject your taking, how about if Duolingo reward you with a certificate to mark your achievments, they could send you this in an email so you can print it off. This could be done by levels or points attained. I would be interested in any positive feed back, is it possible?, what are your thoughts.

March 12, 2013



I am doing this totally for myself, so I don't need proof.


I agree with siebolt. Apart from that I don't think such a letter would be worth anything at all.


Create and print your own :). I'd rather see Duo put time and energy into the language teaching aspect of the program.


Oops, I dont get many Ideas these days and this one is a definite non starter, Having seen siebolt,s comment I thought yes got to go along with that, its exactly why i,m here. So forget the gold medals and learn what we can from a brilliant learning site.


We're working on some ways to highlight all your language achievements on the site itself, so look for those updates soon :)

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