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"Сьогодні сьоме січня! З Різдвом!"

Translation:It is the seventh of January! Merry Christmas!

September 17, 2017



"It is January the seventh" straight up doesn't sound like natural English to be a default answer...?


I use "the seventh of January" 100 times more often than "January the seventh", but I can't tell how natural the second one is, I'm not a native speaker, and I'm not very familiar with the regional differences :)

BTW both are used as default, you get either one from time to time.


I mean, most natural to my native ear is "It's January seventh," without "the." Anybody who uses "the" in telling which day of the month it is instantly sounds either like a news reporter, a history textbook, or L2.


See, told you it's regional :) In any case, all are accepted now. And as I said, I removed the unnatural one from the defaults, now it's only "the seventh of January"


It should accept "today is seventh ..."


1) "Today" was not there somehow. Really sorry. No idea how that could've been overlooked xD Thanks, fixed it.

2) Today is seventh of January" is correct? It's OK to skip "the"?


Not ok to skip "the" in this case.


I have another question. It is the 7th of January. So why the next sentence translation is 'Merry Christmas' which is on 25th of December? What does 'З Різдвом' mean actually?


Orthodox Christmas is on January 7th :)

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