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  5. "Nenda kafanye kazi zako."

"Nenda kafanye kazi zako."

Translation:Go do your work.

September 17, 2017



I wrote "Go do your work" and it was rejected. Does this - ka tense specifically mean... And...? (reported, just curious as I don't really get it


It's just an example of not all answers having been added yet. There's basically no difference in meaning between "go do" and "go and do", it's just that "go do" is basically restricted to American English. In British, Australian and, I'm guessing, also African varieties of English, the "and" is necessary.


I would say - Go ( and ) do your workS. "Zako" it is plural in N-N class, isn't it ? Also " nenda" means - go ! And these....Duolingo.... I did copy from - " You used the wrong word. Do your work. "


No, work is generally uncountable in English. (It’s countable basically only when you talk about the things created by an artist, like the works of Shakespeare)


Go (and then) do your work.


Weirdly, while most of this course is in British English, this one answer requires American English. "Go and do your work" is still not accepted. Reported 5th June 2020.


British English response should be accepted: Go and do your work. Reported 16/7/20

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