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After Hindi, what other Indo-Iranian languages should Duolingo add?

Here are my choices:

For the Indo-Aryan branch: Urdu, Bengali, Punjabi,

For the Iranian branch: Farsi, Kurdish.

What do you think?

September 17, 2017



Persian should absolutely be next.


Punjabi should absolutely be next


As a language nerd, my choices would be Bengali and Urdu for Indo-Aryan, while Ossetian and Pashto (maybe Tajik) would be my choices for Indo-Iranian. However realistically, you should learn Farsi and Urdu.


Farsi. I think it's worth. Interesting because of many good stories and other things in Persian culture.


Isn't Romani and Indo-Iranian language? That would be an interesting choice.


Urdu or Hindi and Farsi (and I have a Gujarati-speaking friend, so that would be neat). But Sanskrit would be super.


Sanskrit. A nice choice. Would it be possible to have this important ancient language on Duolingo?


Probably it would be as possible as any other ancient language. How possible that is, who knows? Latin and Old Norse have been the most asked for of such languages, I think, and they have gotten nowhere.


To clarify my previous reply: it seems to me that languages like Sanskrit, Old Norse, Latin or some form of ancient Greek could be at least as successful here at Duo as Russian, Ukrainian or German. Probably there are people among us who could write good courses for these languages, and indeed people have applied to develop courses for some of them. But until Duolingo chooses one or more of these languages to incubate, we won't have the chance find out.


Since Duolingo already has English for Bengali speakers and English for Punjabi speakers on the way, adding Bengali for English speakers and Punjabi for English speakers after those courses are finished (and not immediately after, the people making the courses deserve a break!) is an obvious next step. :)


I'm torn between Urdu and Farsi.


I suggest Farsi.


I'd personally love having both Farsi and Telugu but tbh, the more the merrier!


Telugu is Dravidian.


Thanks for correcting the mistake! (And sorry! Should work more on that so I don't get my language families confused)


No problem! You're welcome.


While we're at it, Tamil is Dravidian too.

Tamil and Telugu should be the first Dravidian languages that Duolingo teaches, for the same reason that Bengali and Punjabi should be the first Indo-Iranian languages after Hindi that Duolingo teaches. :)


Good choice of languages. I think I'd propose the same.

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