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"Seojun goes to a party with Seoyeon."

Translation:서준은 서연이랑 파티에 가.

September 17, 2017



No verb ending in this?


This is an informal speech level, which is basically the ~요 form without the ~요


Can someone explain why 서준이 파티에 서연이랑 가 is wrong, please? I thought word order didn't matter as much.


I think its because of the verb 가다. Because you want to go to that particular place you put the location before the verb 가다 and thats also the reason you put location marker 에 after location. For example, if you wanna go to the park you say, " 나는 공원에 가고 싶어". When you want to say that you want to go to the park with seojin, you'll say, 나는 서진이랑 공워네 가고 싶어". I think its the same order as in English for the case of location where you want to go or you go to emphasize on location. Please correct me if Im wrong.


Is there some kind of formality that dictates ~이랑 for casual and ~과/와 for non-casual, or should I report that my translation should be accepted for using 서연과 instead of 서연이랑?


There are three ways to say "and" and the choice is the usual written-spoken-formal-casual paradigm.

  • 와/ 과 is common in written/formal situations
  • 하고 is more colloquial
  • (이)랑 is common in spoken/casual situations.


Shouldn't it be '서준이는'? Because non of the Koreans says '서준은'.

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