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"Zij gaat vaak uit in het weekend."

Translation:She often goes out on the weekend.

September 17, 2017



Can someone explain the word order? Why not : Zij gaat vaak in het weekend uit


I would also like an answer to the same question as above!


Yes, I wonder the same... please help


When doing this sentence for the first time, the words "gaat" and "in" were highlighted, seems it should have been "gaat" and "uit" from the verb "uitgaan"?


Mine only had 'gaat' highlighted, but I had the same thing with 'staat op uit', where 'staat' and 'uit' were highlighted, and I wasn't sure whether the separable verb was 'opstaan' or something else... I did find this confusing too.

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She goes out "a lot" on the weekend seems to say the same thing. Or is the problem with that-- the suggestion that "veel" would be used instead of "vaak"? Curious minds.


Vaak means often and in this case that's the needed answer I think

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Agreed. I was just curious that if one chose to interpret it as "a lot" (which in many English speaking circles is equivalent to frequently) then one should use "veel" the Dutch equivalent, I think, of "a lot".


Often both "often" and "a lot" will apply to situation, but they're not synonymous. For instance, "I eat a lot of cheese" does not mean the same as "I often eat cheese". "Often" could be 10g a day, and "a lot" could be 1kg a week. "I don't often eat cheese, but when I do I eat a lot."


That's true, but the opposite is true as well, as in this case. I think "she goes out often" and "she goes out a lot" are so closely overlapping as to be essentially synonymous.


Although we Brits always say 'AT the weekend', we must let the Americans say 'ON the weekend' if they want to.


In Canada we say, "We go fishing on the weekends". "We go fishing on fridays". In England do you really say, "We go fishing at the weekends"? Surely you don't say, "we go fishing at fridays"which would be consistant with your use of at.


British English; I'd always say 'at the weekend'. Never really thought about the reason, but possibly because the weekend is at the end of the week, not on the end of the week. On Saturday(s), On Sunday(s) but at the weekend. and no, we'd never say at Friday


Why does 'uit' come before 'in het weekend'? Could you say 'Zij gaat vaak in het weekend uit'?

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