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  5. "Má raději červenou."

" raději červenou."

Translation:He prefers red.

September 17, 2017



I can't figure out he or she


The Czech sentence does not specify it. It can be any third person singular (due to the verb form ), he, she or it.


Why is it not "červeň" here?


This word is not part of this course and hence cannot be in the main sentence.

Normally, it is more common to say "Mám rád červenou." (i.e. červenou (barvu)). Červeň is much less common and is used more for paints and for colours it is stylistically marked as a bit poetic.


why is it prefers and not likes here? and why is it "he" and not "i" when it seemed largely the same as another exercise where the answer was "i"


mít raději is comparative, like more than something else, prefer. Just "he likes" is "má rád".

Má is the third person: he, she or it. The first person is mám.


Cervenou is feminine accusative of cerveny so should it not be SHE prefers red


No. "She" is also accepted, but that has nothing to do with the form of the adjective. Rather, it has to do with the verb not being gendered in the present tense.

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