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"I do not know exactly myself."

Translation:Ich weiß es selbst nicht genau.

March 12, 2013



How do you know where to put exactly the "selbst"?


Know has also another translation, why can't I translate this sentence in German ICH KENNE MICH NICHT SO GENAU?


They may both be correct translations for the word know, but they aren't synonyms and can't be used interchangeably. "Wissen" means "to know (about/how to do) something", while "kennen" is "to know somebody". Give this a read for more information http://german.about.com/library/anfang/blanfang16.htm

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Would something along the lines of "Ich selbst weiß es nicht genau." work ? If no, please correct me. If yes, please report it so it will be an accepted translation.


It is possible. It stresses another part of the sentence. It is like: 'I -myself- do not know it exactly.'


Hmmm, I put "Ich kenne mir nicht so genau." Is this just wrong on every level?


I don't know about every level, but "myself" is very commonly misused in English, and the positioning of exactly is important, so you may have misunderstood the meaning. I take it to mean either "I do not know the exact X (quantity/details/etc) either." (in reply to "I don't know the exact X; what are they/is it?") or "I don't personally know the exact X. [However, they are available…/However, this person does… etc]". „Kennen“, AFAIK, refers to being familiar with something or someone (while „wissen“ refers to understanding or being aware of something, usually a piece of information), so I don't think it would work here (how can one be "exactly familiar"?). Also, you don't seem have anything indicating "myself".


Okay. I think i read more of a philosophical meaning into it, as in "i don't know my own self that well." i used mir as a sort of reflexive knowledge of myself, but yes, this sentence has a much different meaning.


I used ich kenne mich. I guess we're just introspective like that.


I agree but I think that then the English sentence is incomplete, as it should be "I do not know IT myself exactly" (or "exactly myself" althought I feel it sounds better the first way, but I'm no English mothertongue speaker) I've reported it.


Thanks a lot Alphaton.

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