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Against the clock

There are times when working against the clock becomes too much of an exercise in speed reading/ typing; and less of an efficient language learning tool as a result. I get that it's about spontaneity, but if you're not given time enough to read the multiple choices or type the answers, it becomes more of a test of patience!

September 17, 2017



Multiple-choice questions usually contain random, entirely-out-of-place words in the wrong answers, rather than subtle grammatical mistakes. It's often very easy to isolate the correct answer within a very short time just by noticing the words in the other answers that are clearly not going to be part of the translation of the original sentence.
Master skills in order of increasing difficulty and one does get better at timed practice; fostering the ability to think and respond quickly is the whole point of it.


For me timed practice is not a problem - maybe because I can type fast. But I also use the Keyboard Shortcuts here on Duo. That will help you, I hope.

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