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'abschicken' vs. 'schicken'

*) What is the difference between:
- abschicken and schicken?
- If you search 'shine' in leo.org, there are many verbs to describe it in German. But what are the conexts?

*) What is the meaning of:
- "Dann wurde aus dem Keller eben eine Garage,"?
- Ganz schön in "Er kam vor der harten Arbeit ganz schön ins Schwitzen,"?
- Kurz darauf in "Kurz darauf öffnet er die Augen wieder,"?
- "Langsam bewegt er seine Hände in Richtung Sonnenschirm,"?

LG Jason

September 17, 2017


  • abschicken versus schicken:

The verbs basically both mean send, but they are used in different ways. Using schicken you can express to whom you send something, using abschicken you cannot. Example:

Ich habe dir einen Brief geschickt I have sent you a letter. Ich habe den Brief abgeschickt. I have sent the letter. Note: Instead of abschicken you can also you verschicken.

scheinen: I can think of two possible translations, to shine and to seem:

Die Sonne scheint - The sun is shining. Das scheint richtig zu sein. This seems to be correct.

Dann wurde aus dem Keller eben eine Garage: Then the basement turnt into (or became) a garage. It is difficult to translate eben here into English, eben gives a hint on how the speaker thinks about this statement: He does not really care about it.

ganz schön: pretty much

kurz darauf: shortly afterwards or shortly thereafter

in Richtung: in the direction of ...


Hi Dschaeson,

I hope I found two link to help you. Please have a look and tell me if this is what you are looking for. The explanations from Matthias are very good.



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