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Problems with lesson strengthening

I have finished tree a while ago and I am progressing slowly to level 19. In tab Words I see about 300 or even more words that have strength of 1 bar, and even more that have 2 bars. Most words are 4 or 5 bars.

That means that each day instead of tree all staying golden, at least 5 lessons degrade from 5 (full) bars to 4 bars. Option "strengthen skills" strengthens these skills but NEVER skills which have those words I described above as being 1 or 2 bars strong.

These words belong to lessons somewhere at beginning that tree shows are golden, but as you can see they can't really be. How is that possible? I could understand that Duolingo shows many lessons are weak because words are weak but it shows "falsely" 99% of golden tree.

What should I do to make ALL words at least 3 or 4 bars strong???

Thanks for help!

September 17, 2017



Have you tried re-doing the specific lesson which contains those words, rather than just using the "strengthen" option? Maybe that would help.


You are somewhere in the region of 13000 XP points. Keep in mind that the levels get harder. To reach level 25 you need 30000 Xp in difficult languages. This means a lot of repetition before Duolingo is convinced that the words have passed to your long term memory. So having once done the tree is only the smaller part of the journey. You cant help it, two thirds of your way is repetition. The strengthening button is not primarily aiming at giving you the she shortest way to an all-golden-tree.

The best way to learn and to strengthen is by doing things right. Our grandparents say you learn from mistakes. But this is definitely wrong. It needs a lot of work to erase a wrong answer from your memory. So do not underestimate exercises which you are doing more than 90 percent right. That is the way learning works. There is no use in overloading exercises with problem words. The other aspect of learning is, that tere is no use in repating a right answer several time one day and then never again. getting the stuff into the long term memory means the time beween the repetitions will increase. This is indeed the best way for learning instead of only promoting short term knowledge. So, don't be too critical with easy and dull repetitions. Just feel at home in your new language.


Ok, but my original question is how can I strengthen these weak words? I want all words to be four bars strong in the Words tab.


You can't systematically. You would have to many problemwords in one exercise. You must accept that Duolingo is also including things which are all gold but which are due for fixing in the longterm memory. And sometimes you have the feeling that Duolingo is slowing down your progress.
Im am practising on many platforms. And each of these has things which are better than on the others. But in the end, you have to decide to negate the gold on your tree and the decreasing bars if you don't want to be fixed to the way Duolingo has planned for you. Even if Duolingo was right you should not learn in a way which you don't agreed to. Maybe, less classic Duolingo and more Tiny Cards is better for you. The possibility to repeat systematically by strength bars and with a more systematic concept is on Babbel. But it is not free. And it is less fun for many people.


I think this all is result of bad programming and not me "not knowing" words, especially when I repeat the over and over again. For example pretty much each day skill "Abstract 4" decays from 5 bars to 4 bars. And each day I must strengthen same words.

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