"I see a big tree and a big horse."

Translation:Vidím velký strom a velkého koně.

September 17, 2017

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Why would it be velkeho instead of velky? Is is because the horse is an animate object whereas the tree is an inanimate object?


I find it interesting to discover that trees (and I assume that also grass, flowers, etc.) are considered inanimate from the perspective of Czech grammer. Biologists would strongly disagree ;-)


They (trees, flowers, grass, etc.) don't have souls; therefore, they're inanimate. At least, that's how I explain this phenomena to myself


it is less predictable than that. viruses (viry) and germs (bacily, which also has the narrower "bacilli" meaning) are inanimate. but protozoa (prvoci) are mostly animate.

so it is not about soul or cell number. maybe an ok approach is to assume animacy for macroscopic animals and look it up for microscopic living entities.


again baffled by the velkeho thing ... when> why?


I answered here https://forum.duolingo.com/comment/26302251 Please be sure to read the Tips.


Why not "Vidím velký stromy a velkého koně"?


Sorry, disregard the previous. It is one tree. It must be velký strom, stromy is plural.


Under English sentences the meaning of the words in Czech is given. I use that help a lot. First I type what I think the Czech should be and then check with translations provided. I've found that the first set of Czech translations given is always the one to pick (so far). However with this sentence the translation of "big horse" is "velkeho kone" not "velky", even though "velky" is the first word given in translation. Is it just co-incidence that the first words provided in translation are practically always the correct ones?


It is not a coincidence, but the order is determined by the computer. You will find out that there is probably a hint for the whole "big horse" combination and it has a priority or something like that. It is never guaranteed that you could just take the first hint.

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