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Degrading too Rapid!

I am at Level 15. I've been going all out to build my level up to where it was a few months ago - it has taken 3 weeks (I aim to get going with German) - some days I've been doing 150-200 points a day which takes a great deal of time!

However, having got back to where I wanted to be, - with all the bars/circles full, they are degrading faster than I am completing the tasks, literally - for example returning this morning I had 3 newly degraded circles so started there and now I have done that there are 3 additional degraded circles. My plan was to move to new exercises this morning.. Also, the level of 'fluency' has gone backwards for the first time - it went to 43% and then back to 42% - (I think it has done this twice).

I understand that repetition is really important. But that is all that I am able to do within the current settings. For example if I worked to the target of 20 points per day I would be going backwards very rapidly.

Am I missing something here? Or can the settings be altered to allow for reasonable progress in addition to necessary repetition?

September 17, 2017



It is your choice to keep all gold. Proceed ahead and change your choice.

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