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[WIU] Weekly Incubator Update: 2017, Week 37.

Note: Data retrieved on 2017/09/17 at 10:31 (UTC).

I. Phase 1 Courses

I.A. Transfers

  • Exits (Courses reaching BETA Phase): None.
  • Entries (Courses entering the Incubator): None.

I.B. Completion Summary

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(A) This week's value automatically generated from Duolingo's statistics.
(S) This week's value self-reported by the team of volunteers working on the course.

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II. Latest News from Course Volunteers (All Phases)

Course "Norwegian (Bokmål) from English" (Phase 3)

By Deliciae on 2017/09/15 (full text here)

Tree 3.0 Released to Everyone

The third iteration of our tree has finally been released from A/B test limbo, and should now be ...

Course "Welsh from English" (Phase 3)

By ibisc on 2017/09/11 (full text here)

September 2017 - Tree 2 of the course now in initial testing

The Duolingo Welsh course has now been live for over a year and already nearly 750 thousand peopl...

Course "Russian from Turkish" (Phase 1)

By Apostle_ on 2017/09/10 (full text here)

Türkçeden Rusça kursu, hızla gelişmeye devam ediyor!


Aşağıdaki tablo, şu an hâlihazırda hazırlanmakta olan bütün Duolingo dil kurslar...

Course "Klingon from English" (Phase 1)

By mizinamo on 2017/09/09 (full text here)

Status update, 9 September 2017

Our alpha testers have been busy already and have identified some mistakes and possible improveme...

Course "Yiddish from English" (Phase 1)

By mendl on 2017/09/08 (full text here)

Ceci n'est pas une update.

Esteemed e-learners!

I write with just the quickest of updates, seeing as it's been a spell si...

III. Previous Weekly Incubator Updates

See this index of WIUs.

September 17, 2017



Good to see Yiddish making progress.

[deactivated user]

    [deactivated user]

      Klingon from English is 100% done. they do not know when to release it, but I am still excited for it ! I am excited for all courses for English speakers, too.


      Loving tree 3.0, Norwegian Team! The course is more in depth than any other course I've tried here on Duo! It's good to see steady progress on Indonesian, I am really awaiting the course. And Russian from Turkish astounds me again with its amount of progress. Keep up the good work!


      Finally, a news update for Yiddish


      Note that this update was already in last WIU since the update is 9 days old. ;)


      I am looking forward to the Esperanto from Portuguese course, as I love these two languages and it would be a great practice for me. There is also an awesome Esperanto community in Brazil, and I think they will enjoy this Duolingo course as much as I will do. Keep up the good work, Esperanto contributors!!


      Finding out that there is an active Esperanto community in Brazil is definitely the coolest thing I'm going to learn today :-)


      Chinese for English speakers has entered the incubator.



      [deactivated user]

        太好了,太好了!!!! I'm so excited, muarghh xD!

        It will require some time but the saddest thing is that i'm already studying it on my own, and when it will be finally ready, i will already have reached a good level...but...but in any case, i'm glad :D.


        It's really great news but I'd like to have a web version of the course, since I don't have smartphone. My mobile phone is an old nokia with +10 years of use, and I am very happy with it. Go chinese, go japanese, the doors to ancient and exciting cultures.


        You'll be interested by this other official announcement (see 3rd item in the list).
        It says

        This is a critical step to launching Japanese and Korean on web

        But as this is linked to "characters challenge" (new type of challenge) which are likely (AFAIK) to be used also to teach Chinese's script, then it's very likely also a "critical step" to have one day Chinese on web!


        Thank you very much for the information! It looks like that the Japanese course is coming soon to the web... I am not in a hurry, but I'll keep my fingers crossed just in case!! :D


        English from Telugu is dead right now. Will there ever be anyone to contribute to the course?


        Will there ever be anyone to contribute to the course?

        Very likely. When? No one can know.
        Now if the question isn't "Will there ever be anyone to contribute to the course?" but "Will there be anyone to contribute to the course soon?" or "in the coming months", the answer would be
        "Maybe. However only Duo staff could maybe know but since they don't communicate about such things, the question will not have any answer... until it indeed happens that new contribs are added by staff".


        How do tree updates work? I'm level 10 in Norwegian; what does this mean for my tree progress?


        The updates usually add skills, and sometimes modify pre-existing skills (meaning that something you've passed might go from 4/4 to 4/5, for example), but this shouldn't, in my experience, lock you out from any skills, ie. you can refinish those whenever you want. You won't be losing anything that you've already done, unless they remove it entirely (very unlikely). Otherwise, it means nothing. Levels don't correspond with progress on the tree. You could reach level 20 simply by repeating the first skill over and over again.


        Some skills that you have finished will become unfinished. You will just have to do all new lessons within them to mark them as finished again. The new lessons will contain new words and sentences, but due to how Duolingo courses are structured, they will also contain some old ones.

        Apart from that, nothing.

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