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  5. "Sie lesen Zeitungen."

"Sie lesen Zeitungen."

Translation:They are reading newspapers.

September 17, 2017



I believe it should also translate to "You are reading newspapers" and "You read newspapers" because of the formal "you"


Yes, you are absolutely correct. Please report the missing translations.


I've reported 'you read newspapers'.


Sounds like "Liesen" instead of "Lesen:


Is it the same as in second person formal? "You (formal) are reading newspapers" ?


Not exactly the same- the formal 'you' has an upper-case 'S' at all times, whereas 'she' only has one at the start of a sentence.


Indeed but here we have "Sie" in the beginning of the sentence therefore I have to assume that given the context, it could be either case.


Unfortunately, we can't tell between "they" and "you" (formal) in this particular sentence.


True. Therefore, both should be accepted.

This sentence is not part of the public course created by the volunteers. I'm not sure how to contact the people responsible for this sentence.

Report the missing translation, though, please.


Unclear why "you [formal] are reading newspapers" would be considered incorrect.


Because those who added this sentence hadn't added that alternative. It's not wrong.

You can report it if you'd like, but don't hold your breath.


Can someone please explain how we form plurals? Why do we add sometimes just E and sometimes En and sometimes Er?


The Android app flagged the formal You translation as wrong but the web browser version accepted it for similar sentences.


I didn't hear: zeitungen


You (formal) read or are reading newspapers is also correct, oder? ;)


Yes, those are also correct. See the other comments on this page.


In learning the Big "S" in "Sie" means you formal and "Ihr" you formal. Duolingo needs to example a better explanion of the contexts of the usages of "Sie" or "sie" or "ihr". When I see "Sie lesen Zeitungen", I will all ways pick the "Sie" you are reading the newspapers" because this sentence has no understanding of the useages of The "Sie" you usages. or "Sie" they. So please, duolingo, explain why this sentences is with the "Thy" over the "Sie" you. I have read your explainion on this mater, and as you can see, it is not helping me to get this or any other sentences like this contexts right. Richard.


Sie lesen Zeitungen can mean "You are reading newspapers".

It's an error that that correct translation is not accepted.

But this sentence was added by the Pearson team. It's not part of the public course.

Unfortunately, at least some sentences that they created for their course have leaked into the course that the public sees, leading to inconsistencies in what is taught, how, and in what order.

This should be sorted out eventually but right now it's a bit of a mess.


ihr "you informal Richard


I also wrote "You are reading newspapers" and it marked me wrong.


What does this have to do with animals? I assume this is a placement error.


They're reading newspapers is it wrong


no, it's not wrong


Duo has always accepted "paper" for "newspaper" in the past, but not this time!

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