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I want to learn Finnish! Any tips?

Hey guys, I've decided to learn Finnish, but, since it's not (yet) on Duolingo, I have to find other ways to study and practice it effectively.

When learning German and Portuguese, I found books 'Essential Portuguese Grammar' and 'Essential German Grammar' to be of great use. So, just for starters, can you suggest a similar book for Finnish learners? One that would thoroughly and accessibly summarise the Finnish grammar, without the reader feeling overwhelmed.

I would also appreciate any tips or words of advice from you guys. Many thanks! :)

September 17, 2017



Whoa, the first link's a treasure trove! Thanks!


Can you give some links about Finnish?
overview made by knudvaneeden


[deactivated user]

    I don't know what is your native language but, if it is french, i can suggest the assimil course, they are well done :)....but we all know that finnish is not an easy task so that shouldn't be enough, unfortunately.

    If it's not, i can suggest you (but i've never tried both actually) the course from teach yourself and/or the colloquial series.



    An audio course i really like is pimsleur,but unfortunately there is not included a pdf with text because is simply na audio course but i recommend it.


    While i was looking for finnish material (yes,i love this language too) i found in this site some good books to start:


    And, if i remember well i saw somewhere a finnish grammar, give me one moment and i going to look for it :D.

    EDIT: i found these 2 grammars here:

    https://avaxhome.unblocker.xyz/ebooks/2014-10-16-70_201504211804.html (that should be the same autor who did the colloquial series)


    I heard some positive reviews about this course, where the autor made also a grammar book, the second link i gave you above:


    [deactivated user]

      Don't mention it :).


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      It may come as a shock to you, but dating, marrying, or even having kids with a Finn don't automatically generate great language skills. ;-)


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      For the sake of this being a language website I have to correct you too the best of my ability. The proper form of your sentence is "Canst thou hook me up?" because verbs conjugated in the 2nd person singular in early modern English with "Thou" take -st or -est endings.


      Haha, thanks man:)


      you should try bussu it is very help full but you have to pay for most of the lessons


      https://vocapp.com/courses/finnish Here are several courses (EN-FI)! :) You can study both vocabulary and grammar rules.

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