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725 days later, finally level 25

Finally made it to level 25. What a grind! I feel like i did at least 50xp-100xp a day these last two years. The people that have multiple level 25s are amazing.

Btw, its just like any other level. I had a vague hope there would be a cool trophy or some special notification x).

My fluency level is okay, I can have light conversations, but most of the time i make a lot of annoying grammar mistakes.

Besides duolingo I do alot of reading, lingQ.com, and calling polish people on HelloTalk or Skype.

September 17, 2017



Congratulations! I reached all of my level 25's without immersion, so I know what a hard job it is. It's a great opportunity to celebrate and have a beer or two. Cheers!


that's amazing if you actually did. good on you


¡Enhorabuena! Many of the people who have multiple level 25s used Immersion to get there.

With timed practice, I get 20 XP in about two minutes using the Strengthen all skills button. My goal is still 280 XP per week. I find it useful to reinforce what I've learned everyday.

I read, watch Netflix in Spanish or with Spanish subtitles and converse most days.

Sigamos adelante.


I used Immersion to get my level 25s. I was working through getting more level 25s on the day the Immersion died.

I actually have 7 level 25s - there are two English level 25s represented by one flag.


Congratulations! Well done. You're right: it's a l--o--n--g grind w/o Immersion. And there definitely ought to be some kind of big fat owl badge award at the end.

Try the English for Polish speakers course, as reverse courses are much better practice, IMHO (my only 25 is reverse from Russian), and they are even worth getting to level 25 with. You should have plenty more practice writing in Polish in the reverse course.

You may find this old blog worth reading through, although his "new" blog, which is referred to, seem to have disappeared.

What reading do you do?


Thanks for the information, it's good to have people like you that goes until the very end of Duolingo, to know if it's worth it. I don't think so for easy languages, but for difficult ones like Polish, maybe it's advisable to keep going until level 25. IMHO the optimal point to quit is when you start to get boring of seeing the same material over and over. Good luck with your Polish, and keep going, language learning is a never-ending story :-)


From one bird lover to another...Congratulations...Getting to level 25 in any language takes a lot of discipline and determination and Polish is surely one of the more challenging languages on Duolingo.

Like yourself I never used immersion, but it seems to have been helpful and well liked by many Duo users when it was still available. I don't know how often people were misusing it just to rack up large numbers of XPs.

[deactivated user]

    I feel very happy for you ! I wish I could get to level 25 too.


    Congratulations! Hope to get to level 25 myself (specially in my first five) soon.

    Keep on going with the practice!


    Buen trabajo. Well done on getting to level 25. I think people can relate to it being a grind getting the XPs to the reach the higher levels by repeating the tree over and over, without the help of immersion. Just got to level 24 a couple of minutes ago. Not looking forward to repeating the same stuff over and over again to get the 4000 points to level 25, but I understand that we have to put the work in to earn the XPs. It's a good opportunity to consolidate all the vocabulary. :-) Good luck with the next one.


    Plus, as a bonus, you must have a few thousand lingots that you'll never spend!


    There is still hope for DuoLingo labs / stories going into production one day, isn't it? :-)


    Congratulations IanMoe! Welcome to the level 25 club, and I wish you the best in your continued language learning! :-)


    Congratulations! It gave you a decent amount of translating into Polish as time went on I hope? I doubt I would have made it to level 25 in Guaraní had the tree not grown more helpful in that regard.


    Hi Adam,

    is there anything already known about how dumb the DuoLingo mixed "target L2->L1" / "source L1-> target L2" translation algorithm is?

    Is the ratio fixed in the code for forward and reverse trees or does the ratio change dynamically after you have completed e.g 3/4 to full your tree or you level up in the levels?


    Congratulations! Level 25 is especially a challenge in Polish, where it's harder to do the timed exercises.


    Way to go! Hope to be there some day too. Your xp accumulation was super intense. I am amazed! Keep going strong!


    Congratz! That's an awesome streak!

    I'm still working to get to level 25 in spanish. =P


    Congratulations! I have one level 25 and I never used Immersion (because I didn't like it), so it took me a while to get there. I think it may have taken me about 2 years to get my German tree to that level.


    Congrats, lan-z! Quite an accomplishment, and Spanish just around the corner! :)


    Hi Lan,

    that is pretty impressive!

    You could also have some chats on HelloLingo (you can even enter your previous SharedTalk / SharedLingo / LiveMocha username or search for old users) :-)

    Don't forget the DuoLingo Discord voice chat server which was announced in some threads: https://www.google.de/search?client=firefox-bdcr=0q=site%3Aduolingo.com+voice+chat+serveroq=site%3Aduolingo.com+voice+chat+server

    Maybe you can do some comparisons with HelloTalk?

    Reading (including native recorded audio): Have you checked www.bliubliu.com?

    I think it is time for some "language level up" challenges and recording yourself, isn't it? :)

    Have a look at laoshu505000's YT videos:

    He also made some (older) introduction videos on his YT channel about SharedTalk (discontinued), HelloLingo/SharedLingo - for those people, who are not familiar with those portals (I was not) - and his FLR - the motivation booster concept.

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