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"Which of those nine people was it?"

Translation:Který z těch devíti lidí to byl?

September 17, 2017



is "to" necessary here? it seems that "it" can be dropped in many other cases.


It is necessary. When you say "Kdo to byl? - you ask who was that person.

But when you say "kdo byl ... - you have to continue and add some words in the "..." to create a proper question. You can add for example a name or a place or other things.


This word order is not acceptable? Který z těch devíti lidí byl to?


Disclaimer: I am learning, too, so one of the CZ natives on the team may correct my answer...

My guess is that to is not accepted as the last word in the sentence because it is one of many small words that like to be in the "second position" of the sentence or clause. The "second position" is not just after the first word; it is also after the first "unit of meaning." Here, the first unit of meaning is "Který z těch devíti lidí," so to, following it, is in the second position.


What is the deal with devet vs deviti? I can't tell why one or the other is used.


"z devíti", z requires the genitive case

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