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  5. "Není co respektovat."

"Není co respektovat."

Translation:There is nothing to respect.

September 17, 2017



What's the difference between respektovat and vážit si? Should they be used in different contexts?


Anyone knows it?


Vážit is to sincerely take something as good or helpful.

Respektovat could be forced by subordination. To respect someone's orders, for example.


Suggestion: please add a lesson comparing affirmative and negative sentences: There is something to respect vs There is nothing to respect. I have a book vs I have no books. I have something vs I have nothing. I fear sth vs I fear nothing. He has sth to eat vs I have nothing to eat.

Such a lesson would hopefully clarify things!

Thank you.


Why "není co" not "není nic" = why no double negative?


You could but 1. it sounds weird in Czech and 2. it would be Není nic k respektování


Thanks for the quick reply - tho the structure with "k respektování" is a bit beyond me at present! There seem to be several exercises in this lesson where I had expected the double negative, but this clearly doesn't apply. Hard to know when to use it and when not.


Here's a suggestion: Use a double negative if the sentence contains a ni- word or the word "žádný". Otherwise a single negative is OK. For example:

  1. Nokoho nemá rád. (He doesn't like anybody.)
  2. Nemá žádné jídlo. (She has no food.)


i really don't get this one.. are there different meanings for "není" and "co" that i didn't read the tips and notes about? i thought "není" is like "isn't" and "co" means "what?"


You can't just translate word for word when learning foreign languages.

není="isn't" or the whole "there isn't" construction which does not exist in Czech.

co="what" but here it is used in the construct "co repektovat", literally "what to respect"

So: "There is nothing what to respect." but normally one says in English just "There is nothing to respect."


thanks, i know i can't do that but...... there are a lot less resources for learning czech than other languages, so i'm mostly using duolingo. i need things explained to me sometimes, i'm finding it challenging :). i couldn't draw my own conclusion that "co respektovat" would work like that. so thank you for your help :).


Are 'Není co' and 'Není čeho' interchangeable?


no. and in case the question is motivated by comparing "Není co respektovat." with "Není si čeho vážit.", those two verbs take different cases.


Yes - my question was entirely motivated by those two examples! Explanation understood. Thanks.

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