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"You do not have anything to fear."

Translation:Nemáte se čeho bát.

September 17, 2017



Why is "nemáte se ničeho bát" wrong?


If you say it that way, it means "you are supposed to be not afraid of anything"


Okay so here's another question regarding the use of "co". So we can use it in statements such as this one "Nemáte se čeho bát."But can we use "něco" in place of "co"?


Could you please elaborate on that? I don't understand why that is the case.


It is a completely different word so I do not see what I could elaborate on. I so no reason why you could use it. Perhaps if you propose some actual sentence.


well doesn't "něco" mean something like "something"? you can't say "nemáte se něčeho bát"? I just don't seem to understand why it wouldn't work is all.


Něco does mean something. Co literally means "what".

No, you cannot say "nemáte se něčeho bát", it does not make sense. You could say "Nemáte nic, čeho byste se mohli bát." Literally "You have nothing what you could fear.".

"Nemáte se čeho bát." literally means "You do not have what to fear.", but this is not used in English.


Alright well I will just keep working at it until it clicks then

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