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"La generazione di mio padre pensa come te."

Translation:My father's generation thinks like you.

April 1, 2014



Marked down for using "think" instead of "thinks" :@


I saw this before in another thread, and from what I read it seems that because they're using Generation as singular they want you to use thinks, as in he or she thinks. Opposed to they think.


This level of pettiness is what puts so many people off speaking foreign languages (english included). Remember children, Big Brother DL language teacher is waiting to pounce on your every mistake, and won't he laugh when you do!


Same. What is the difference


Me too ! yet 'think 'is perfectly acceptable English


English can use think or thinks but DL doesn't know that! English is less hung up on the grammar: the team is OR the team are - are you thinking of the team as a number of individuals or as an entity? Formal local goverment speak used to be "the Council are...."


Like many pedants DL has got this wrong. Here in the UK "thinks" in this sentence sounds clunky as hell. We would say "think" because a generation has an awful lot of people in it (though some in your father's generation are probably dying off!)


Me too i cant stand this clitics section


La generazione di mio padre pensa come te ==> My father's generation thinks like you

what is the action/verb?
pensa = (he/she/it) thinks, verb
who does the action?
La generazione di mio padre = the generation of my father, subject (singular - it is just 1 generation!)
what/who does the subject action (what does the generation of my father think) ?
come te = like you, direct stressed object, put after a preposition

The generation of my father thinks like you ==> My fathers generation thinks like you


Why do they use "te" instead of "tu"?


It is because tu is the subject pronoun, while te is the object pronoun.


my Dad's generation thinks like you marked incorrect


i also reported.. dad/father interchangeable in english


I think you are right


What's wrong with 'my dad's generation'....?


Duolingo teaches us epic burns. Can't wait for "Your mother was a hamster, and your father smelt of elderberries".


My father's generation thinks as you do. ?


that's how i translated it as well and was marked wrong - looking for literal i guess -


In spoken English there woukd be no error


These clitics have thrown everything I learnt so far out of the window.


Generation is singular. why not “think”?


The generation of my father("it" = the dad's gen) thinks like YOU. The clitic is after the verb,so assume normal sentence structure. If "ti" were before pensa YOU would think like them (dad's generation) assume the other structure. Subject, subject (object?) Verb. I think I am starting to get it...until the next question.


The generation of my father thinks as you


Should be correct!


Think and thinks are both acceptable in English


Similar - my answer considered wrong for putting "think" and not "thinks"! I think you are wrong.


My answer should have been accepted.


Penso che questa sia una frecciatina!


I wrote 'you think like my father's generation' and it said it was wrong. >:^(


La generazione di mio padre pensa come te...It is the father's generation that is doing the thinking.

Tu pensi come la generazione di mio padre...It is you that is doing the thinking.


I'm sure it is explained somewhere, but where ? Each time i stumble over this and write: … del mio padre … Has it something to do with: for family members you don't need the "the" in front?


confused when to use 'se-te and me when are supposed to use tonic pronouns


If one wrote the english sentence as "The people within my father's generation..." then it would be obvious that the correct form of the verb is "think" rather than "thinks".


Generation is a collective noun I have been marked down wrongly for putting my father's generation think like you.


Today I responded "The generation of my father think like you." Which is exactly how I, as an English speaker would say it and DL gave me credit for a correct answer but stated I had a typo (they were looking for "thinks" instead of "think"). This category of learning is VERY VERY PAINFUL (as in TOUGH). WE CAN DO IT. DO NOT GIVE UP!!! :)


You cannot mark us down for use of 'thinks' whivh is noth gramatically correct in English and a perfect translation!

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