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Pronouce this word Serrurerie.

tell me if you get it

September 17, 2017



I think I'm not too bad at it... but it's easier when we realise that French people do often cheat a bit. Drop the second e. ;)


Dropping that second E is not cheating, but the normal way to speak in Northern France. However, we need to hear the two R's on each side of that dropped E.

  • SE-RUR-RI: correct
  • SE-RU-RI: incorrect

As for the double R at the beginning ('seRRurerie'), it is pronounced as only one R, unlike in Spanish, where 'perro' (dog) is pronounced differently from 'pero' (but). In general, in French, the double consonant is pronounced as a single consonant, but it changes the pronunciation of the vowel which precedes it; it makes it more open. So theoretically 'serrure' should be pronounced [sɛ.ʁyʁ] with an open è, but it is also commonly pronounced [se.ʁyʁ], as if it was written 'sérure'. In my region, Normandy, the latter pronunciation is standard.

Because the double consonant has that effect on the preceding vowel (or is supposed to have it, since it is not always respected), that vowel never receives an accent mark.

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