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"Tyto čtyři stromy začínají nést dobrá jablka."

Translation:These four trees are starting to yield good apples.

September 17, 2017



I wrote "these four trees are beginning to bear good apples" - yield is also good, but "bear fruit" is also standard English.


"These four trees are beginning to bear good apples" is also accepted and it has been for about 3 years. It may have been added based on your comment -- so thanks for that! :-)


Why only present continuous? Tree bears apples not in one this moment.


"Začínat" is an imperfective verb. As I understand it, these verbs are USUALLY translated to present continuous in English.

Also, it is better in English to use "starting to bear" rather than "start to bear" in this sentence. I think "start to bear" suggests that some qualifier -- say, "in August" -- should follow the verb.


How do we distinguish imperfective verbs?


You need to learn and remember which verb is which.

However, many prepositions typically make a verb perfective and some endings make them imperfective (e.g. iteratives).


Can the translation hints be set for the specific exercises, or are they general? I don't think the suggested translation (and even an accepted answer), "carry", is used in this context. Probably everybody has the common sense to figure out that the hint is incorrect, but if it's possible, it should be changed.

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