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  5. "Wo war dein Praktikum?"

"Wo war dein Praktikum?"

Translation:Where was your internship?

April 1, 2014



Practical, placement, and, internship all have the same meaning in this context.


"Where was your lab?" WTF?!?


A lab (course) as part of studying at a college/university is called "Praktikum" in German. But not every "Praktikum" is a lab (course). Indeed, most "Praktika" are internships rather than labs.


I thought the English term lab was just a boiled-down version for laboratory. I think DL should not use such colloquial translations (if they even exist!), because you can't find it even in Dictionary.com. There are many synonyms for lab but none of them is course. Anyway thanks for your help!


"lab" is not really a colloquialism, and it's also not a synonym for 'course'. When you study engineering or (natural) science you have laboratory course/classes, lab for short, where you do experiments, write protocols, etc. In Germany the same classes/courses are called "Praktikum".

I agree that it is maybe a little too specific to ceratin courses of study to be known by everyone. There is the same problem in Germany: I studied physics and when I told people (who didn't study engineering/science) that I had no time because of a "Praktikum", they always thought of internships, not laboratory courses.


Haven't you ever written a formal lab report?


Where was your practicum??????? They didn't accept practical, but why?


Praktikum means training, not practical.


The practical component of a course is often referred to simply as a "practical" (or even shortened to "prac", at least in Australia and NZ), so it should be accepted.


Report it -- and mention that it's the idiom for this in AU & NZ. You can use the "I have another problem" field for explanatory text.


Duolingo remembering me what I want to forget


Praktikum is pronounced like two words

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