"Proč mě tenhle člověk nenávidí?"

Translation:Why does this person hate me?

September 17, 2017

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What is the difference between ten and tenhle?


As far as I'm concerned, Ten=that Tenhle=this And most words ending in 'hle' (tuhle/tahle/téhle/etc) have this meaning (this/those)


A small correction to what was probably just a typo, to clarify for others: "And most words ending in 'hle' (tuhle/tahle/téhle/etc) have this meaning (this/THESE)."


myslím, že výraz this man odpovídá výrazu člověk lépe než this person, ale rozhodně by mělo být přijato obojí


I english please, thanks


Since this is a course for English speakers, we would strongly prefer that all of the discussion were in English. However, there are many native Czech speakers who are taking the "reverse" English-for-Czech speakers course who sometimes visit the forums for this course. They sometimes ask their questions in Czech, and those questions are answered by other Czech speakers. We understand your frustration, and appreciate your understanding, when longer dialogues in Czech appear.


I heard clearly 'ten male' but not 'tenhle'.


You will just have to train your ear a bit, I am afraid.

Anyway, for any audio issues we need to hear from you if it is in the sentence or when clicking on a word tile and in these times we also need to know if you mean the male or the female voice.


I heard it in the sentence, spoken by a male voice.


The male voice is somewhat harder to understand and is going to be replaced. Many users already have the new female one. You must wait. There is no other thing anyone can do.


Thank You very much. I love this female czech voice!

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