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ratio of study time: Duo /outside Duo

I'm curious about the study time ratio you "high flyers" (well, higher than me) put in over a usual period of time; on Duo vs. off Duo.

September 17, 2017



In Duo: Right now something like 50-100 XP per day, mostly consisting of strengthening in courses that I know pretty well (mostly German) so this mostly means whatever time it takes to type those lessons rather quickly.

Off Duo: Most days I listen to a German-language news podcast of 5-10 minutes. Some days (half?) I also read a couple of pages of German text, either in a magazine I subscribe to or in a novel. So my off-dup studying isn't studying as such, more of actual usage.


On Duo: It totally depends. This week alone, I've gotten XP anywhere from 100 XP to 1200 XP. I guess my time spent on Duo depends on how much time and motivation I have. I started the Norwegian course a couple of days ago and have been working very hard on it, so that is a factor.

Off Duo: I like to strengthen my German and Japanese on Memrise, which is very good for keeping vocabulary in your memory. I think I might start their Norwegian course soon. I also like listening to music and reading simple German news. I try to spend anywhere from 10 minutes to an hour doing this on the weekends.


On Duo: I have my goal set to the maximum, so I do 50 points at minimum, but usually more. In the past few weeks, I've had a few 200+ days.

Off Duo: I have books for some individual languages, and I have a couple of university texts that cover the basics of a lot of languages. (This is especially helpful for courses where there are gaps in the Tips & Notes sections. I also make use of other apps (50 Languages, Memrise, Mango, etc.), but only a few times a week.


I don't really think there is an amount of time you have to study

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