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The problem with the health feature:

Q.: What's the problem with duolingo's health feature?

A.: Many things. Let's write a list:

1: We have to set a daily goal on Duolingo: How can they expect us to reach it if we are out of health and we don't have enough gems to buy a refill? This happened to me last night, and I just barely saved my streak, and I have only one gem left - Because I've bought refills so many times!

2: One of duo's motivational messages: ''Don't worry - You learn from your mistakes!'' well, this is completely true, but then what is the point of the health feature? If we make five (or more) mistakes, oops, you have to either buy a refill, or stop the lesson. Why are they making us do this if they believe that we learn from our mistakes?

3: We should get a second - or sixth - chance. Well, actually, not according to duolingo. After making completely natural errors in our sentences, STOP the lesson. I will sometimes have have one question left sometimes, with not enough gems to refill my health.

4: Mistakes are completely natural. Duolingo says otherwise. Make too many mistakes, and you can stop learning for 5 hours.

5: The feature actually obstructs learning instead of promoting for the reasons above!

Look, duolingo is awesome but the health feature is NOT. The feature is obstructing learning because we accidentally make minor mistakes which are totally natural and which we usually learn from. I cannot see the point of this useless feature. I love duolingo, but this awful feature is destroying it. Fine, the last four words were a bit of an exaggeration, but it's still a extremely terrible feature. This feature has no point and it should really be removed. Comment if you agree!

September 17, 2017



I totally agree with you, although the health feature disappeared for me a couple of weeks ago. If you're about to lose your streak and you have no health, just do a couple of practices to earn your lost health back and keep your streak.


That's why you use the website and not the app.


Or why you only use iOS either to test out of skills or for languages still in beta... :-)


Yeah. I knew about the health feature before I installed the app, but I thought ''It's just one minor problem. It's not too bad'' But there are way more problems, and it is pretty awful. I am extremely disappointed with the app. The website is awesome, but the app is awful.


The apps are also awesome, it's just the fact that the health bug (I refuse to call it a feature ;-p) also blocks the very lesson that you're having problems with, that is incredibly frustrating and awful :-)


Yep. The only fault with the app are the health feature bug, and the fact that it doesn't have the discussions forum.


Totally agree. I haven't updated my app on the iPhone in weeks just to avoid being "upgraded" to this horrible new feature. Thank god this way I can still use the old version.

EDIT: I think it's especially horrible on the app where you get no tips & notes and basically have to learn through trial and error. Really, I sometimes wonder what Duolingo were thinking when they came up with that health thing...


duolingo has many problems, the health feature is just one of them.


Aaand I've just ran out of health in the middle of a lesson with only one gem. Gosh, duolingo is awesome, but this feature is not.


Aaand I've just ran out of health in the middle of a lesson with only one gem.


  • You practice previous material to restore it (i.e. if you tap on Global Practice and complete it, you should earn Health bars again). Each lesson practiced will restore one bar.

  • Or you can take a break and let it refill on its own. Five bars is considered “full” Health.

  • For those who still want to binge on Duolingo without taking a break or taking the time to review lessons, Health can also be refilled with Gems.

Use Duolingo's web version (www.duolingo.com) instead of the punishing iOS App, because ....

  • it has no "Health"
  • it uses a more effective way of learning a language.


I have not seen health/gems on Android app yet, but there are 1-2 rumor threads from users who have seen it also on this mobile plattform.

Workaround: Switch to an Android smartphone or use an Android emulator like Bluestacks, Nox, etc.

If that does not help, avoid the mobile apps, use the web or create multiple user accounts, where one account does not fall into A/B health/gems testing.


Watching an ad will give more health, but this feature hasn’t been working for the last two days.

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