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"My friend's birthday is August 20th."

Translation:L'anniversaire de mon ami est le vingt août.

September 17, 2017

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This sentence does not belong in the French course. Therefore, we cannot add variants.

The alternative translations should include the following:

  • L'anniversaire de mon amie est le vingt août (alternative gender).
  • L'anniversaire de mes amis est le vingt août. ("friend's" and "friends'" are homophones)
  • L'anniversaire de mes amies est le vingt août (ditto + alternative gender).


Un Ami or une amie is an acceptable word for friend.


Yes, both are correct, "ami" being masculine and "amie" being feminine, so report it next time if "amie" isn't accepted (do note, however, that it would be "mon amie" even though "amie" is feminine..."mon" is required because it starts with a vowel)

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