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Is this German sentence correct?

"Hast du deinen militärdienst beendet?"

I intended to say- "Have you finished your military service?"

Did I say this sentence correctly in German?

September 17, 2017



Yes, I think your sentence is correct. However, you should bear in mind that in German, nouns are written with a capital letter:

Hast du deinen Militärdienst beendet?

As far as I know, the more common term in Germany is "Wehrdienst":

Hast du deinen Wehrdienst beendet?

Edit: Thinking about it a little more, there are two more aspects to consider:

1) "Beenden" often means ending something before its intended end. So if you really mean "finish", "complete", then the better verb would be "leisten":

Hast du deinen Wehrdienst geleistet?

2) Your sentence is in the informal "du"-form. In a formal version, this would be:

Haben Sie Ihren Wehrdienst geleistet?


Thank you. Yes, I know you're supposed to capitalize nouns. I wasn't thinking lol.

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