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French challenge is it possible? I'll give lingots for the best answers!!!

Would it be possible for a guy who already speaks Portuguese, English, and Esperanto fluently and has an intermediate level of Italian to speak French being CLOSE to fluent being able to have conversations, In 6 months studying 3 hours a day all days of the weeks and being immersed with music children cartoons and stuff?

September 17, 2017



Hi Maiky, I think I do not quite understand your question. Are you asking: Assume I never had one single lesson of French and I start now and pledge, that I will studay 3 hours a day, 7 days a week, do you think I will be capable of having a conversation in French in 6 months time?


Yeah that is better, Glad you got it


I think it should be possible, especially since Italian is so close to French. According to Wikipedia (according to Ethnologue), French and Italian are lexically the closest two of the main European languages, tied with Spanish and Portuguese.



Yes, I think so. 5 months ago, I'd never learned any languages and only spoke English... I've worked hard for those 5 months, I don't think I've quite reached fluency but holding conversations with natives is generally not a problem at all. A few days ago I conversed for 35 minutes in French with only one major speaking blockage, which I was surprised and proud about. There is still a lot of missing vocabulary though, which I am working on.


What did you do to reach this level? And what level on CEFR would you say you are at French?


A variety of methods. I studied very hard on Duolingo for 2 months... completed the tree in 4 weeks, but then I revised it again heavily. After that, I watched several videos on YouTube, mostly with subtitles... if I didn't know a word, I wrote it down and looked it up, then kept watching the same videos until I was comfortable with them. However, I recently ditched this method, because some of the videos were very boring... but I still pretty much do the same, only in video games and music now. If I am ever completely unsure about a grammar point or how to say something, I ask here.

I have no idea what level I am. To give an idea: many videos on YouTube are quite watchable, I sometimes manage to reach an understanding percentage of 80% or more... but for some of the very fast speakers, I have a lot more trouble. Not all videos are watchable to me, but some are. I don't have any trouble conversing with a native... but I still miss a lot of words I need, which causes occasional blockages. I've never been tested, but I would rate myself a low/medium B1.


Yes, I think/know it is possible because if you put your mind to something, it could happen with lots and lots of practicing and with a translator to help you have conversations with famous french people and french friends who lives in France and if they moved to America to help them learn some English. I am not very Fluent in French but am learning fast in about 1 week's worth of time.


I was also the smartest in class last year.


i think if you are dedicated entirely, you can probably do it

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