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  5. "Kdy se staráte o koně?"

"Kdy se staráte o koně?"

Translation:When do you take care of the horses?

September 17, 2017



How would you translate: When do you take care of the horse?


Yes, I thought about it, too, that koně can be both singular or plural accusative in this sentence.


Why not "When do you take care of horses?'. In the czech sentence there is no 'te koně', but 'koně' without 'te'.


It is accepted. If it was not accepted for you it may have been an intermittent grading bug. Use "My answer should have been accepted" to report in the future.

BTW, correct Czech is "ty koně", not "te koně", but the demonstrative pronoun is implied here, because we understand we are most probably asking about some specific horses.


Where is the horses here? Why can't be accepted horses?


If something is not accepted, you must write the complete sentence.


How would you translate "When are you taking care of the horses?"


The same. The Czech language has only one present tense.


Present continue tense is not appropriate for this situation. Take care of st. is periodical activity therefore present simple tense is right way how to express the mentioned idea.


In English, taking care of something doesn't have to be periodic. For example, a person could have been asked to take care of the horses for a week while the owner is away. A possible answer to "When are you taking care of the horses?" is "The first week of September."


Pls proc je sparne - when do you take care about the horses??


to care about znamná starat s o nco ve smyslu zajímat se. (Nestarej se o cizí věci.) Nemá moc smysl se ptát, kdy to dělá o koních.

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