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Just a question!!!♥♥♥

So, yesterday I saw that I had 3 messages but I decided to save them for today to get back too. But when I go to my messages it says I have five, but it was just this one person friending me over and over again. So is there any way I can look at the messages before that because I didn't get to see them? Or is the limit 5 and if you get any messages over you'll just never see them. Just wondering and thanks for your help guys!

September 17, 2017



You can set up your account so that you get an email whenever anyone replies to you in a discussion. You can't ever see more than 5 notifications here in Duolingo but you can check your email and see what you've missed. The emails will contain links to the discussion, too, so it's easy to click and read :)



Ok! Thanks! But I don't do that because I use my sisters e-mail and it always tends to clog that up.

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you won't be able to see them again unfortunately


ok, thanks for your help! That's really annoying though!


Yeah, I'm really annoyed when someone sees that I haven't followed them back, so they follow me over and over again. I also find it kind of annoying that you can only see five notifications.


Yeah; I totally agree! Sorry if it was you that I didn't get back too; not mad at you! But yeah, they should do something about that! Like, where you could click something at the bottom of your notifications and see all your messages ( the missed ones too!!)


There are some folks who repeat the friend-ing over and over. I guess in some attempt for higher numbers of friends? I don't know what causes them to focus on one person or another. Harmless I guess?


I had an issue with adding friends not working a few weeks ago and posted a thread in Troubleshooting where a number of others mentioned having the same problem. But as I was discovering it didn't work I can easily imagine I quasi filled somebody's notification quota (I doubt Duolingo is smart enough to not give them multiple notifications of my unsuccessful friending attempts while it is, presumably buggily, failing to actually implement them).

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