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  5. "여우가 너구리를 공원에서 찾습니다."

"여우가 너구리를 공원에서 찾습니다."

Translation:The fox finds the raccoon dog in the park.

September 17, 2017



So " find " and " search " is the same thing in Korean?


if they are the same and the same korean sentence means both, then both answers shouold be accepted, but they aren't, so there must be a difference, right?


"find" would be the past tense "찾았다" so the objective of the action is completed


Find is present tense...


How would you say it if your search failed and you didn't find what you were looking for?


you put 'mot' before it I guess xD (I don't have a korean keyboard)


What is a raccoon dog?


Google it my friend! You may also call it a tanuki ;)


See also: tanuki


Just like tanuki mario


This has been my burning question too


A raccoon dog is a Korean raccoon. Its a bit different from the North American Raccoon you are probably familiar with. Fun fact raccoon cafes are a popular trend in Korea. Its basically a cafe with Trevon raccoons roaming around.


Raccoon dogs are not actually related to raccoons at all, despite their similarity in appearance. A raccoon dog is also commonly referred to as a Tanuki (Japanese) or mangut, and they are more closely related to foxes and wolves. They're native not only to Korea, but Japan and China as well as many other places in East Asia. So they aren't "Korean raccoons," but you can easily google them to know more.


The problem is that raccoon in Korean is also (아메리카)너구리.  I entered raccoon without dog and it passed muster. Oh, the raccoon dog's appearance is also similar to the English badger (standard as they're nocturnal), so it's translated as badger in the old folk tales, as their personas in the tales are quite similar.

Raccoons are the second-most ancestral type in Canidae, after the bat-eared fox which they resemble strongly.  Though they're in the true-fox (Vulpes) group, because they're ancestral the resemblance to dogs is there despite the look of the tree. One reason they're called raccoon dogs is because like the raccoon, and unlike any other canid except the gray fox, they can climb trees.

I've gotten them mixed up with raccoons all my life and been teased about it. I thought the mascot at Lotte World was a raccoon. It isn't. The way to tell is the tail is like a dog's or fox's, not ringed like a raccoons. The real animals are more obvious, as coons have hands not paws.


and they are cute as heck


What's up with the whole realationship between the raccoon dog and the fox, friends with benefits??


This is confusing ...


Suneo finds Doraemon in the park.

(I don't expect many people to get this.)


How i can know when is find or search?i put search and say is wrong ㅜㅡㅜ


It doesn't accept my answer... TT


I would prefer to use a direct transliteration of Noeguri for the animal instead of the Japanese Tanuki. The korean species is slightly different and it's very offensive that a Japanese transliteration has cultural ascendancy in English.


Same with “dojo” (도장) and some other words I can’t think of at the moment…


Also: "kata".


Doesn't location come after the subject but before the object? Isn't the sentence order, Subject/Time/Location/Object/Adverb/Verb?


Can you place 공원에서 in the beginning of the sentence instead?


What the hell is a dog raccoon?


Its an animal, it looks like a racoon, but I'm pretty sure its not related to it


I put the exact same aswer and it said it was wrong


This is the first time I've ever heard of a racoon dog or tanuki


Korean is so hard;;


Wth is a raccoon dog?

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