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What is the Difference? (Question)

What is the difference between Moderators and Admins?

Blue being Admin, and Green being Moderator

Also, what does "Sticky" mean?
Sorry if these questions have already been asked/answered before!

September 17, 2017



Sticky applies to forum posts that stay at the top of the lists and are usually made by staff or moderators to give important information. They may be made sticky for a fixed length of time or permanent. Obviously only staff or moderators are allowed to make a post stick at the top of a list.


Admins are part of staff. They're software engineers who work on the website and are paid. You can see an unofficial list of admins here.

Moderators are volunteers who watch the forums and work for free. You can see an offical list of moderators here.

Also, Moderators are all over the world, while most admins are in Pittsburgh because that's where duolingo headquarters is.

Sorry, I have no idea what ''sticky'' means.

I hope this helps you out!

Also, how do you add screenshots to your discussions?


"Sticky," in this context, just means that the post sticks to the top of the list of threads. It's stuck there. :)


Oh. Muchas gracias!

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