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  5. "His grandparents are young."

"His grandparents are young."

Translation:Seine Großeltern sind jung.

September 17, 2017



Is "Großeltern" always plural or it can be both singular and plural


Eltern is plural for parents Elter is singular for parents So Groß + eltern = grandparents. However using a simple translation app, Großelternteil seems to mean grandparent. Curios to if you can use Großelter as grandparent since its the literal meaning.


hi how can I find the letter that looks like a B in GroBeltern I don't know how to write it or where to find it on my cell keyboard please help


The letter loosely ressembling a B but actually being ß, an Eszett, can be found on some mobile keyboards by a long pressing on the S key, or by installing a German keyboard.
If none of the above is possible, it is tolerated to spell it as a double s (it is even the official spelling in Switzerland).

sfuspvwf npj

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