"Mie îmi este foarte cald."

Translation:I am very warm.

September 17, 2017

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Is it correct to just say "Mi-e foarte cald"?


Yes. And it's the most common way to say it.


So this way to say it is just more formal. Thank you air human ;)


Yes. The longer, the more formal is a good rule of thumb.

By the way, "air human" had me puzzled for a few seconds. FWIW, I was originally looking for the better-known "luftmensch", but it was taken so translating it into another Germanic language was the best thing left to do.


It's always good to use Dutch words.


I feel like this example has jumped ahead a couple of lessons. What is this "mie imi este" construction where "este" is being used with the first person singular instead of the third person singular? Did we learn this yet?


No, Duo doesn't explain it anywhere. You need to look at all the comments to piece it together. Some of the comments are great!


Why is ' I'm really warm ' wrong?


I giggle every time I hear her say 'cald', as it's in such a different tone of voice from the rest of any sentence.


Same, and on top of that it feels counterintuitive to me, since in german it sounds like cold and she really says it like she's cold haha ps: (fata de) perna is also fun to hear her say


The sentence in Romanian is in reflexive form, so it does not mean "I generate a lot of heat" but rather "The environment is very warm for me", is it? If I'm right, then the second question is for English native speakers: is it a common way to say "I am warm" in that sense?


Why "este" instead "sunt"?

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