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  5. Can't change my profile bio


Can't change my profile bio

Need a little help here. I can't change my profile bio. It'll let me delete it, but won't let me type more. I've been trying to for a few days already but it's still the same. Have any of ya had the same problem? Do ya know how to fix it ? Thanks

September 17, 2017



I know that the bio has a character limit, so if you're trying to at more then it's not going to let you if you're already at the max. Does that help or is it a different problem?


It's different. It's less than the character max.


thank's anyway though


Are you saving the new bio?


Thanks everyone. Problem solved


Do you have another device that can log on Duolingo? If so, try that device and edit your bio.


In addition, TinyCards, another service offered by Duolingo, allows you to set your bio. (It's how I set mine, but I did it on the app, which you should try too)

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