"Habari za mchana dada?"

Translation:How is the afternoon, sister?

September 17, 2017

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Audio Issue: the whole phrase sounds good, but the individual word mchana comes back as something else.


Same point I have been trying to make.


I am trying to figure this out as well


Why is "how is your afternoon sister?" wrong but earlier "Habari za nyunbani?" is translated as "how is your home?" The more natural English sentence is "How is your afternoon (going), sister?"


The whole sentence sounds fine, but the individual word "mchana" sounds completely different and that is because its pronunciation is wrong. Kindly fix it please.


In a previous sentence, someone explained that, while "ya" was singular, "za" is plural, but Duo does not accept "sisters" in this answer. Can someone explain? Thanks!


The way I understand it, the plural in this sentence is not baba but habari.


I haven't quite understood the difference between 'ya' and 'za', and when they are to be used


me too!! why would asking how is the afternoon mom? where habari ya... is used, differ from asking brother or sister where habari za... is used? i dont understand the comment below that habari is plural!!!??? as a child i grew up with swahili but only remember hearing habari ya... please help!!


I don't hear any audio at all. Anyone able to assist me?


Audio issue: the volume difference between the male and the female swahili speakers is very large. That is disturbing both in silent as well as noisy environments. I hope that can be balanced soon.


Mchana is wrong for me too so i googled for the correcr pronunciation


Why does it demand articles when it previously told that there is no articles in Swahili. If the article is not obvious then I may omit it in translation. What am I learning here Swahili or English???


Tablet wont alow me to 'check'

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