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Any other app?

Hi guys! Do you know any other app or method, except for duolingo, through which i can learn a foreign language for free? Or something that can help me improve all these i have learnt so far, working at the same time on duolingo?

September 17, 2017



Memrise is pretty great. Tinycards is related to duolingo, and is also awesome.


I've just checked the memrise and it looks pretty good. thanks for your help!

[deactivated user]

    Ditto what woof said. Also try HelloTalk.


    Memrise and Lingvist are both pretty good.

    To get more context, you can always watch videos in French with subtitles, and on Youtube (or some other site), set the video speed to x0.75 or even x0.5. Also, read articles or stories, and keep a dictionary or www.wordreference.com/fren at hand.


    I've just checked Memrise and Lingvisit and both look great and i really think they can help me improve my learning skills. Also, i'm going to start watching french videos and movies as they would help me understand native speakers. Thanks for your help!


    Honestly, while you have finished the Duolingo tree, you are good enough to progress using Youtube and reading articles. As you keep making progress, you can switch to books and that's it.

    I don't really see the need for other learning apps, the purpose of Duolingo is to go from 0 to the level where you can understand native content and progress by hearing and reading.

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