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I'm on a roll! My history of conversations in Spanish

I feel like i am on fire.. I have had 3 conversations that have made me feel like kicking myself and patting myself on the back in the last 2 weeks. Although, i had a 15 day streak that is now gone due to Hurricane Irma :(, I still feel proud of myself. Now, i have Cuban neighbors and some other Spanish speaking neighbors 3 blocks down. There is a man, wife, teenage daughter and a little boy that is going to be 3 years old this year. Sadly, they sent their daughter back to Cuba for school.. so i told myself it was now or never, but my problem was with who! The wife speaks absolutely no English and she is mainly in the house, while the husband is normally outside and can understand a little bit. This time i was still in Spanish 2 and my goal was to speak to one of my neighbors in Spanish before the class ended. Unfortunately my spanish class did end and a week later i was giving myself a pep talk with the help of my sister. After the pep talk, I walked right up to the man and asked him if i could practice Spanish with him and he said i could. We had a small conversation mostly because of my nerves. I asked him how many kids he had and if he was a carpenter. Funny thing is i was correct, he was a carpenter! and here comes the even more funny part(that makes me feel like kicking myself) .. I asked him using "carpinto" which isn't the word for carpenter (mind you my father is one as well). After that, I asked him "Cual es favorito color" and he said "no entiendo" and i felt discouraged and i moved on from that, but later on i realized i had forgot the "tu" ! LOL. Now the good thing is, I told him my mother is a teacher without messing up the word "maestra". Thankfully, he corrected me and i was so embarrassed that i told him thank you and walked over to my sister so we can continue walking our dog and the horrible thing is that i knew the word (I had practiced the word the night before). To be completely honest, thankfully i am the type of person that learned from my mistakes and i am filled with perfectionism and curiosity. When i finished walking my dog, i told my mother and she had a good laugh, but she said she was proud of me. I went up stairs and got on google and started looking for more conversation starters, replies that i could say and i even found a sentence that can help end the conversation that i am having with the person which is "No tengo mas preguntas" which means i have no more questions.

Yesterday around 7pm, i had my first conversation with a man from Dominica Republic. My mother, sister and i went into a beauty supply store and instantly the Dominican man fell in love with this hat my mom had on which she bought at Century 21 for my dad. I heard the spanish accent and i asked him where he was from and he told me Dominican republic. Now i have three sheets of paper that have questions that i can ask and replies if they ask me the same question. This helped me ask the man if i could practice spanish with me. He asked me if i could speak it and i said yes, a little. I started the conversation with "Como va tu dia?" and he told me in spanish "Bien". I then asked "Cual es tu favoritio color? and he said " Negra y Blanco .. y tu? I replied with "marado" and he said which makes me feel happy.. "que es un color bonito para una mujer" my sister then called me and told me we had to leave and i told the man thanks and goodbye. Around 9pm, my family and i went to this Mexican place that has this puerto rican woman that is very friendly. I mustered up all of my courage and said "Hola, cual es tu nombre?". FYI: I'm a very shy person and I speak very low when speaking Spanish and she thought i said number so she picks up her phone and says in English my phone is dead, sorry. I start to laugh and repeat "Nombre" and she said "Oh!!". She told me her name and she had to take someone else's order. 15 minutes later, i asked her "Cuales son los dias que trabajas?" which means what are the days you work. To be honest, if i ever ask this question again i would change it to "Cuáles son los días que tienes trabajo?". She told me she works here every day. After I left, the woman and my mom had a conversation in English and she told my mom to make sure that i continue speaking and learning the language, to remind me to speak up and remember that every Spanish person has a different slang and way of phrasing and speaking the words. After my first conversation, i actually wanted to put it on duolingo, but i was very scared so writing this all down makes me feel open, but also mature. Something you need to know: My mom taught me Spanish when i was a young girl, but we both stopped speaking it and as i got older i forgot it. In 7th grade, when my family and i were living in NY, a new girl came to my school and she was from Santo Domingo, and i wanted to talk to her soo badly. After i told my mom this, she and i would practice questions i could ask her and i would use google translate and my mom to get my replies in order. She is also the person that introduced me to Prince Royce and now years later.. I am still a huge fan of him and now i listen to a lot more spanish artists as well.

September 17, 2017



that is so cool i am so happy for you


Gracias!. I actually went outside and saw my neighbor(the man) go inside the garage, but when i finished walking my dog with my sister the garage was close and I am not that brave to go ring their doorbell and start a conversation. Side Note: Great job on being on level 6!


Hablaste con raimundo y todo el mundo


Lol. Si, supongo que lo hice.


Muy guay amiga! soy Mejicano americano pero he crecido con español roto. pero ahora estoy aprendiendo español seriamente. espero que tengas mucho mas exito. cuidate tchau^^


Gracias! Bueno para ti! Gracias por comentar y responder. Espero que tenga mucho éxito en todos los idiomas que está aprendiendo.


tambien aquí hay algunos lingots

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