"Ēlī ñuhom ñābrannoma istan."

Translation:First I went with my cousin.

September 17, 2017



ñuhom > ñuhon to assimilate to the following consonant

September 17, 2017


The wiki says, "The form is -m before a vowel or a labial consonant, but usually -n elsewhere."

Haven't learned much of the IPA yet to know if "ñ" is a labial consonant (it physically doesn't seem so), so maybe this "ñ" is just being treated as silent, and the pronunciation of the letter "ā" is being considered for declining "ñuha", and "ā" is a vowel, so it turns "ñuhon" into "ñuhom". This is my guess.


March 20, 2018


I thought nabranna was aunt... Are you sure it isn't aunt in some places in the 'family' lessons ?

January 3, 2019


I think ñamar was aunt (or father's younger sister)

April 8, 2019
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