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Who Wants a job in Languages?

So I'm sure the majority of people on Duolingo are here because we have a hobby for learning languages. But for many people this hobby of learning languages eventually becomes a career path. I'm interested in knowing: Who wants to have a job to do with languages?

I definitely want a job that revolves around languages because I absolutely love learning other languages and cannot see myself doing anything else other than a job to do with languages.

September 17, 2017



I would!

I'm a little torn between what career path i want to go down, but languages are included in them all haha


Same here, though I feel like my career path will have something to do with computers and programming.


Haha. Good luck with whatever career path you choose though :)


I'd love to have a career in languages or linguistics especially! Maybe I can major in linguistics and minor in a certain language. (don't ask me to decide which though XD) It would also be amazing to be an ASL interpreter, maybe on the side, volunteering and such. I still don't know for sure.


That seems really interesting! Bahati vizuri!


If one would like to interpret ASL professionally, I would strongly suggest looking into RID certification. But if one simply wants to interpret ASL in less formal settings, I would suggest taking a few ASL interpreting classes.

I have met someone who taught himself SEE and was actually fairly speedy at signing in SEE. He decided to volunteer at a church to be a sign language interpreter. He was furious with the church after his second time interpreting because the Deaf complained they didn't understand anything he was signing.


because deaf people don't sign SEE they sign ASL (atleast in America)


I have a Deaf friend who uses SEE instead of ASL.


I would like to have a career where I speak Russian, but I don't want to be a translator. I think I will keep it as a hobby.


I want to be an English teacher in Tanzania for my job. They are high in demand and I also want to volunteer on the side.


That's so cool! Good luck!


Very cool, and great name too.


I do! But I'm sure what I want to do will change, as I'm only 14 and still have a while to go.


Haha, I'm 14 as well and (like all my other past career goals) I might end up changing. But in the meantime I've got to do a GCSE in each Spanish and French and will probably end up doing an A-Level in at least French so I guess languages are always going to be a big option for me in terms of careers.


I'm doing GCSE French too. What exam board are you taking? I'm doing AQA.


AQA because I have to do it with my school.


Hey, I wouldn't suggest telling your age on here, as that is against the guidelines and could get your account deleted.


Oh ok, thanks. I keep forgetting haha.


You're asking a really good question, imho.

On the one hand, a career in languages will not earn you riches: Tutors, translators, interpreters etc. make little compared to other jobs.

On the other hand, all jobs above a certain level already are "language jobs". Being able to speak just your own language would turn out to be a huge roadblock at one point in your career; I have personally witnessed people hitting that roadblock.

In today's and more so in tomorrow's globalised and interconnected world, mastering at least one language apart from English is essential if you aspire to more than just a clerical job.

And it's fun, too: In business, we deal with real people with foreign backgrounds. It's nice to open doors with your counterpart's language, you create much better understanding and thus trust.


Yeah I know that they don't make as much money as e.g. a doctor. But to me money isn't everything and I would rather enjoy what I do.

It is fun and I really enjoy meeting people from foreign backgrounds because I find it fascinating learning about other country's cultures, lifestyle etc.


Linguistics seems cool :)


I speak english,arabic and french.I hope to see myself in practice with my languages. Academic knowledge is better transferred into practice after a certain limit,whether that through jobs or through social contact.

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