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  5. "C'est une souris."

"C'est une souris."

Translation:It is a mouse.

March 12, 2013



I've been misreading this as Moose the entire time... crap.


It can also be "This is a mouse" right?


Why is "She is a mouse" incorrect? "She is" is listed as a possible translation of C'est...


Because the phrase did not specify wether the mouse was a girl or boy, the mouse is referred more to an 'it' a thing in this sentence.


So for example, If my daughter was pretending to be a mouse, and I wanted to tell my wife "she is a mouse", would I not say "C'est une souris"?


Yes, you would.


what is a masculine mouse?


Still "une souris", like "une girafe"... if we refer to the male, we say "une souris mâle"/ "une girafe mâle"


So... "Rat" was inappropriate?


Same family of animals but different species:

un rat = a rat

une souris = a mouse.


Per the explanation: "C'est instead of il/elle est

C'est is used when the noun has an article (le, la, l', un or une) or a possessive before it. Say: C'est ma femme, not: Elle est ma femme."

Okay, that great but WHEN would the noun either not have an article or a possessive in front of it?

The only time I can think of is when an adjective that comes before the noun would be in the way but surely that's not what this means??? "Elle est ma petite femme."


WHEN would the noun either not have an article or a possessive in front of it? : when you state someone's profession or with nouns used as adjectives:

  • il est professeur = c'est un professeur (he is a teacher)

  • ils sont bons amis = ce sont de bons amis (they are good friends)

  • elle est bonne élève = c'est une bonne élève (she is a good student)

The rule is valid with articles, possessives and demonstratives.

  • she is my little wife = c'est ma petite femme (modifier: "ma")


Thank you very much!


Is it just me, or does it sound like she's saying sech un souris? How are you supposed to pronounce ç'est?


c'est = sε

In front of a word starting with a vowel, you add sound T [sεT] to mark the liaison.


Thank you so much!!!!!!


If you use THIS IS A MOUSE your referring to the mouse being in your presence like on your hand for example. The written phrase is referring more to the mouse being over there then here. Hope that helped.

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