"Chakula na utapiamlo"

Translation:Food and malnutrition

September 17, 2017

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Anybody else sometimes try working out what the verb is only to discover it's not "you [tense] verb", but a U/N noun instead? Because some days that happens to me a lot...


The big hint is to look at the ending. That "o" means it's not a bantu verb and it doesn't have the "look" of a loanword from Arabic ... and besides, they generally end in any vowel other than "o". It doesn't work if the noun ends in "a" of course, but that's less common than "o" or "i".


Very true. Doesn't stop me staring at the start of the word for several moments before I get smart and look at the word as a whole.


No, of course not. I can relate. My brain stalls at times.

It doesn't help that it's not a sentence at all so you can't even grammatically expect one kind of word. This is almost as bad as "Sheikh and prayer beads" ... I mean ... at least they're kind of opposites, not just a random noun for a person and one for a thing.

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