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Started 2 days ago, 3rd day Questions.

Hallo, Ich bin Channing. Ich lerne Deutsch, Ich verstehe Englisch. I have completed up to Food 1, I'm 27% fluent. Level 7. Today is my third day and I was wondering if I was learning at a good rate. I practice 2hours a day and it's my third day I'll finish Animals 1 tonight before I sleep. I feel I could pass any test over what I've done so far. Only thing I could mess up on is "Der,Die,Das" I've come to understand Der-Den. But I still have trouble with knowing things like "Die Banane"<--(Correct) from "Der Banane" other then that I feel I would know everything else. I know I need huge work on speaking, but my spelling etc is fine. Please give me feed back and let me know if I'm doing good or if I need to work more or find more sites or find a book to read to help. I'd like to learn German in a month. So on the 15th of next month. Any and all advice or feedback is wanted thanks for reading.

September 17, 2017



Hello. First, congratulations. Your mindset seems to be the right one.
I don't think learning a new language in just one month is something doable for the majority of people (including myself). But I don't know you, maybe you are completely capable of such an achievement.
Since you asked for more sources (sites, books) I recommend you to check some of these posts, they have priceless information.
I can also share with you my personal favorite sources outside Duo...

Language Guide

The German Project

Deutsche Welle


Learn German with Jenny

I hope you do reach that fantastic goal of yours...

Best wishes!


hey pal. hmm 2 hours a day is awesome but know that duolingo alone will not make you fluent. especially in a month. self study, watch german things (youtube vids, movies, tv shows, news, ) it is probably best to start with content in which the speakers use slow speach and work your way up reading books are good tools too. good luck hope this info helps^^


Piece of advice: Don't stress too much about how you're going, because only you can set your own pace. If you can only handle one skill a day, do that. If you can do 10 per day, go for it. I'd also recommend starting the Memrise deck for Duolingo vocab, it helps be remember the words a lot better. Good luck!


If you want to test your comprehension go on YouTube and watch the 'Easy German' channels videos. There are also a few kids shows been uploaded called "hier kommt conni" though these tend to be spoken at more of a native speed despite the simpler themes an vocab you'd expect from a kids show. As my German has improved i have found it easier to understand the content and can "almost" keep up with native speakers. its this type of content that really builds competence. Good luck with your learning, you sound as though you are flying through although how much you have actually internalized remains to be seen.


For only 3 days you're doing very well :)

By the way does anyone actually know what the fluency percentage means? It says Channing is 27% yet has just started but I am only at 13% but I have nearly finished Duo's German course.


this number has no meaning at all. Meant to speed up your motivation and calculated by an unknown algorithm, you can find gazillions of posts about why theirs is so high/low/volatile. It is usually considered irrelevant by users and thus worth ignoring it completely. I think it keeps in mind how often/long you work on the language, how often you have to look up words and how long it takes you to finish a lesson. Using dice would not be much less accurate.


~Update day 5~ On day 4 I only reviewed/practiced So far I've been learning nouns with there corresponding Article (Der,Die,Das) Atm I'm just learning them with the nouns later on I hope to understand it more later, but at the moment I try not to focus on it to much for now. I've internalized/retained all the info I'm given so far on Duolingo. I took a break yesterday so I could give myself a day to relax, which came to be a good thing. I'll complete Nature 1 tmrw so far I'm at 190words known, I have trouble with 2 words. I'm good with memory which so the word association comes easy. I'm looking forward to finishing this Duolingo German course in the future. I know I will have another part of learning after which is speaking with another German speaker and finishing the rest of my learning.


Are you using a mobile app or the website?

Only the website provides access to tips and notes for every new unit which explain grammar etc.

In my opinion, using the mobile app to learn just makes things unnecessarily hard and confusing. Using it to practise things you've already learned on the website may be useful.


I only use the site itself on the computer, I didn't know it had an app. I do check the words to see what they mean in English, If I don't "Understand" the word I look it up. I feel knowing the words and memorizing is only the first part then it's understanding. I do both before i move on, Its just hard self teaching anything. Because once you're done with Duolingo. You learn more speaking to other "Deutsch" speakers. I just got in contact with an old friend, She is a German native so once I'm done with the site I have plans to practice speaking and hearing. I feel once you memorize and understand reading comes easy, but listening and speaking will be the second half of learning for me

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