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Option to switch language version of the app?


I speak Spanish as my mother tongue, but learn languages from Spanish, English or German, depending on the case and availability.

I'm currently doing Japanese, High Valyrian and Norwegian from English, Català from Spanish and French from German.

From a browser i can readily choose any of those languages (I know Japanese is app-only and High Valyrian is browser-only), but from the app I only get to choose languages from a single language... That is, If I have Català active, then the app switches to the Spanish version and hides Japanese and Norwegian. If I'm doing French from German, then I can't see Japanese, Norwegian, nor Català.

The "Add a Course" option is not really an solution, because you are given to choose only from the list of languages you are not currently learning, so I can't choose Català, for instance, if I want to switch to that language, nor French from German.

I guess the app is made with people who study from a single language in mind... could this be changed, so that I can readily choose any language I'm learning, no matter the language it's being learned from?

September 17, 2017



The website was re-written over the summer and one of the changes was to allow you to choose any language you were studying no matter what base language - the language you are learning from.

It looks like the interface on the apps has not been updated, but you can still access courses that you are not learning from English.

Go to the choose language option and scroll all the way to the bottom.

Click Add a Course

select the course you want to switch to. Try it - it WILL work. The website used to be this way as well.


Ohh.. so, maybe in the future? :) I just checked the "Add a Course" and, as you say, it does work. For some reason, in the past this didn't work for me; I would only see the languages I was not currently learning. Thanks for the help! :D


De Nada

It's confusing I know. If you try to change languages from the Discussion Tab (in the browser version) you will see the same thing.


The mobile browser version has base language switching more along the lines of the desktop browser version. It might be a very little bit easier than the method StevenWath laid out to switch between courses with different base languages that way. However, the app seems to take a while to "catch up" to whatever changes have been made through other interfaces.


quiero ayudarte amigo pero no tengo la aplicación. perdoname :(


Apoco lo haces todo desde'l broser? hahaha Yo me enteré de que se puede practicar desde un browser hace no mucho! xD


well I think you can already learn more than 1 language if that's what you are trying to ask if you wanna know how to do it then when you log in go to the part which shows what languages you are learning and select the other ones which you want to do


After a year, this is still an issue on the Android app.

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